Two-Headed Imagomancy is an ongoing, collaborative project by Shahrzad Changalvaee and Iman Raad.

Through going into some details about their work and talking about subject of language, the couple share series of curated subjects, stories, myths, memories, fictions and facts with the audience by activating a specific illustrated backdrop, projection and printed materials.

Inspired by Naghaali (Persian Story-Telling reading off a backdrop) their narrative flows from one subject to another to provide some space of intellectual engagement for the audience and elevate the traditional artist talk to an experimental performance.

Since 2013, Shahrzad and Iman have performed Two-Headed Imagomancy in different venues, each time adopting the format specifically for the show. Each Lecture-Performance is different from another in materials, duration and details. A new backdrop is made for each edition to scale that corresponds directly to the site of the performance. Even the drawings are variable reflecting different content for various audiences.

Please contact to receive a PDF about Two-Headed Imagomancy.

Two-Headed Imagomancy, 5th performance, Foote School, New Haven, 2016. Collaborators: Elia Ahmadi, Kian Ahmadi

Two-Headed Imagomancy, 4th performance, American University of Beirut, 2014.

Two-Headed Imagomancy, 3rd performance, Yale School of Art, 2014

Two-Headed Imagomancy, 1st performance, Seattle, 2013. | Photos by Saina Heshmati and Sean Bolan